Medicaid needs your support to continue to provide health care access to Coloradans. We all must raise our voice to ensure that the Coloradans who need it are able to access it. Specifically, you can do four things to help Medicaid stay strong.

  1. Consider each candidates’ position on Medicaid and make that a deciding factor in your vote

  2. Share information about Medicaid on your social media platforms with your networks

  3. Encourage support for Medicaid through your networks, in local publications and anywhere else you can

  4. Reach out to your elected officials to let them know you support Medicaid and expect them to as well


Use the following points to help educate people you know about the value of Medicaid for people across our state:

  • Medicaid exists to help Coloradans who could not otherwise afford health care. These individuals include children, seniors and thousands living with disabilities.

  • Hard working families across our state need Medicaid to ensure their children receive care. About 75 percent of the people who use Medicaid are working. A family of four making less than about $32,000 a year can qualify to get care as well as protect their families from medical bills that could bankrupt them.

  • Medicaid provides many services that private insurance does not cover. Individuals living with disabilities can use Medicaid to help with in-home supports as well as transportation they need to live their most independent and productive lives. Seniors who need nursing home care get that care covered by Medicaid.

  • Medicaid provides preventive care to thousands of Coloradans including cancer screenings, well child visits, pre-natal exams and other critical care that helps individuals get treatment early and often at less cost.

  • Many communities across the state, particularly those in rural areas, rely on the investment that Medicaid makes annually. Hospitals, clinics and other care facilities are reimbursed for their services where they might otherwise have been forced to provide the care for free. This investment also provides good jobs in health care which in turn supports other jobs throughout the community due to the economic ripple effect.

  • People who have health insurance are more likely to get the care they need when they need it as well as receive it in the right place. When people use emergency rooms to treat common ailments, costs across the system escalate. Those with insurance are also more likely to better manage chronic conditions, allowing them to live a healthier, productive life and avoiding unnecessary costs to the system.  


Help educate on the value of Medicaid by using your social media platforms. Download and use the social media posts below or click on the post you like and use the share button to post directly from our site. To make your social media more effective you can also:

  • Tag organizations you support to increase your reach

  • Use the #Vote4Medicaid hashtag to help elevate all voices

  • Use this handy reference guide to elected officials and candidates to let them know you support a strong, healthy Medicaid program

  • Join #Vote4Medicaid on Facebook

Sample Web Content

You can help spread the word about the value of Medicaid to Colorado by posting about it on your personal and organizational website. Here is some sample text you can use:

People are the purpose for Medicaid

Today, more than 500,000 children, seniors and people living with disabilities need Medicaid to get access to the health care they need. For seniors and people living with disabilities, Medicaid also helps with in-home supports so these Coloradans can live their most independent lives. When needed, Medicaid also ensures that seniors can get nursing home care. Medicaid also helps are health care system, ensuring it will work better for all of us. Our health care system needs Medicaid to provide insurance to thousands of Coloradans who would otherwise go without insurance and care. When people can’t afford care, they are forced to use emergency rooms or leave medical bills unpaid. This costs all of us who use the health care system.

Join the Vote4Medicaid effort if you’d like to help ensure Medicaid continues to serve all who need it. [Link to Vote4Medicaid homepage: http://www.Vote4Medicaid.org]


Another way you can help educate your fellow Coloradans about the value of Medicaid is to submit a letter to the editor at your local newspaper. You can follow a simple process to do that.  

  1. Draft a letter, no more than 200 to 250 words.

  2. Use your local publication’s website to find the process for submission. Some require you to fill out an online form. Others provide an email address for your submission.

  3. Provide contact information when you submit your letter so the publication can confirm your authorship.

  4. Keep and eye on your email or phone to make sure you respond promptly to the publication when they confirm your authorship.

If you’d like a little help getting started, here are a couple of templates you might consider. But remember, it’s always good to personalize your letter so your voice comes through.

A health care system that works includes Medicaid for those who need it

Over the last several years, there’s been much debate over what makes a good health care system and what reform is really needed to make sure that each of us can find and afford the care we need when we need it. What is largely undisputed is that having health insurance is a person’s first, most important step toward health care’s availability and affordability.

For low income Coloradans that critical step comes in the form of Medicaid. While the program is often treated as a political bargaining chip, we shouldn’t let our policy makers forget that there are real people behind the data. And those real people – often seniors, people living with disabilities and children – are our most vulnerable neighbors and friends. Thousands of them would not get the care they need as well as the in-home supports they require without Medicaid. Thousands more of our seniors would not be able to afford nursing home care.

It’s true that all of us want to see elected officials exercise fiscal responsibility. But that responsibility must be carefully weighed against the real health care needs of our most vulnerable community members. They deserve to have real faces and voices as we work to make our health care system work for all.


People are the purpose for Medicaid  

When you say the word Medicaid to people, you often elicit an immediate response. Either they think the program is good because they know someone it has helped or understand its role in the larger health care landscape. Or they think it is bad, believing it costs too much or is too susceptible to fraud and abuse. Both of these perspectives are often rooted in politics, not people.  

Medicaid’s role as a connector to health care for many of our community’s most vulnerable members, our seniors, our neighbors living with disabilities and our children, is real. Thousands of our fellow Coloradans would not have the health care they need if Medicaid did not exist. Many of our community hospitals, clinics and providers would not be able to keep their doors open without the investment Medicaid makes each year.

It is certainly easier not to think of the people Medicaid helps get preventive cancer screenings, or in-home supports or help with mental health issues as we argue over the future of our health care system. But what is true is that people need the program, whether they use it to get their own health care or care for their children or aging parents, or they enjoy its’ benefits on overall community health and the economy, Medicaid is about people. We shouldn’t forget that.