My son without a doubt would have to be institutionalized and that's cruel as he has never been a threat to anyone. With the correct support he has some quality of life. He hears voices and sometimes is suicidal. He has always told us when he's not feeling well so we can get him the help he needs. If he were to be left alone I fear the worst would happen to him. All he receives is SSDI of 750.00 per month. How can anyone survive on that? While we are still able to care for him he wants to live at home where he feels safe and not alone and scared of his symptoms. He would be in a nightmarish existence if there was no one to care for him. He's often said if he didn't have us he would have given up and taken his own life years ago. As a mother that breaks my heart as I know no one is going to be as invested and care for him and love him and advocate for him like we do. He shouldn't be forced to live in a restrictive setting with strangers. He knows that someday it may happen years from now if he were to get worse. But while he has us he should be living as normal as possible. Without CDASS he wouldn't be able to function.