My 27-year-old son is sadly been struggling his entire life with high-functioning autism and since the age of 12 schizophrenia. He is able to live at home and not be institutionalized because he is on CDASS. Without it there is no way he could safely live at home. He has been hospitalized several times since the age of 15. The only treatment that his psychosis responds well to is ECT, electro convulsive therapy. He has been on 47 different medications since he was diagnosed 15 years ago. He is a bright, sweet, compliant, kind, empathetic young man. But due to the nature of his illness and the side effects of ECT his short-term memory has been impaired. He can't remember the names of his medications or dosages. He has to be watched to ensure he takes his medications because he will set it aside and forget to take it. I have found it in the cupboard or in his desk several times. He gets symptomatic very quickly if he doesn't take his medications on time and regularly. He's only able to live at home because of CDASS. Without it there would be no way that he would be safe other than in an institution. I am 49 and as long as I'm on this earth his health will be my priority. I am terrified of what will happen once I leave this earth. Who will step in and take over? Without CDASS a very bright young man whose never harmed a fly would be at great risk for deteriorating. He deserves to live at home with us his family for as long as possible. Not with a bunch of strangers who will never know him like his family does.