If it weren’t for Medicaid and the CDASS program, at best my family would have been destroyed. I have spent decades fighting to keep my disabled son at home where he belongs but as a single parent I couldn’t stay home with him and work at the same time. At my lowest and when I felt that the entire world was against us, I learned about the CDASS program. It saved our lives. We were heading to the demise of so many families that lose their homes and lives because of a family medical tragedy. Medicaid made it so I could return to work and care for my son at the same time. Because of Medicaid my son is not only being cared for by people he knows and trusts, but Medicaid gave my son a voice in his own medical care which also gives him a voice in his own world. I owe our lives to Medicaid and all of the wonderful people that provide those necessary services and have helped us be who we are today.  

 I can’t say enough about how valuable Medicaid is for our entire community. Medicaid provides flu shots for children, the elderly and for persons at risk at no extra cost. That’s huge for these populations and it keeps our community safer as less members are exposed to the flu and other communicable issues. I also know that Medicaid and the EPSDT program provides invaluable early testing and screening for children. As a child welfare caseworker, I have personally seen a lot of abused and neglected children who without the help of Medicaid and supportive in-home services would not have been able to return home and without Medicaid there would be no foster care program either. Medicaid provides services to keep our children healthy emotionally, mentally, physically and socially. And it’s not just persons on Medicaid that benefit. Medicaid also pays the co-pays on family insurance plans to help the family pay less for medical care which keeps more money in the family to pay for other costs. Respite is a program that Medicaid offers to help people to have a break from the care they provide to family members in order to rejuvenate themselves. As a 24/7 caregiver I know the value of this small but necessary service. Sometimes it is all a person needs to get back into the fight for their loved ones. Thank you Medicaid for that!