I am an attendant and adoptive mother of an individual that receives health care and Attendant services through Colorado Medicaid. I am not exaggerating, even a little, when I say she could die without it. If she did not receive CDASS she could not live independently at home. One of the many things I do is watch out for her safety. Even with my supervision, due to her numerous issues, she falls, a lot. She’s broken bones continues to get head and other injuries Some of the other things I do are assist her after seizures. In the past she has become so confused after seizures she’s received serious burns. Another is to set up her life saving medications. Past head injuries make that a task too difficult for her. I also assist her around the house and take her to appointments regarding her various health issues. Often, I have taken her to the emergency room for care and admittance to the hospital. Her medications are anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 per month. All but a handful of them help her sustain life. Some reduce extreme pain caused by another condition, making it possible for her to function at home. Other medications keep her bipolar disorder under control so she can live and function in society. Her safety and well-being would become so compromised without attendant services and medication assistance she would not be able to live at home. Her survival is totally dependent on Medicaid and its related services.