Even though I work full time at the Western Sugar plant, I am considered a seasonal employee and don't have a health care plan. I go without health care from September through May each year. In the summer, I can go on unemployment but I'm one of the lucky ones who have a full-time job. But right now, my monthly income is so low that I am eligible for Medicaid, even with full-time employment. I need my gall bladder out, so Medicaid will pay for the surgery, doctor appointments, hospital and pain medications. I have repetitive injury on my hands, wrists and I need shoulder surgery. I was working at Cargill when I fell off the catwalk, and then reinjured it when moving furniture. It won't heal and is hurting all the time. My hands and wrists are injured from hauling slabs of cattle with spine and ribs, separating the meat from bone and then slicing the meat - all in under a minute as I was on the production line. I haven't been to the doctor about my hands and wrists. I don't volunteer to go to the doctor, ever, unless I can't function. I have two kids, ages 17 and 13. They both get Medicaid. My son was born with an extra half a thumb and he now needs surgery on his hand. The kids get their well child visits, immunizations and sick visits, none of which I could pay for. My 13-year-old daughter has strep frequently. My body is breaking down slowly from working in the oil fields, at the meat plant and now the sugar plant.