My sleep disorder forced me to quit many jobs after less than a year due to inconsistencies in my ability to get up in the morning, last through a whole workday, or get in enough hours in a work week. Constant exhaustion with no apparent cause led to chronic pain, headaches, and severe depression as well. My sleep disorder began to worsen over the last few years. At my lowest point I was sleeping up to 16 hours a day and could only be productive--including doing things like showering, feeding myself--one or two hours a day. Because of my education, rich and varied work history and lack of a concrete diagnosis, I was denied for SSI. I struggled to work even 10 hours a week consistently in an attempt to survive and went on Medicaid. Now that I've been diagnosed--thanks to Medicaid--I have medication I can take. It isn't a cure, but I can work up to 20 hours a week now and attend to my own personal care and my mental health has improved dramatically. The medication and management thereof is provided via Medicaid.