We could not survive as a family without Medicaid. Medicaid cover the costs of my daughter’s seizure medication to try and reduce the number of seizures (~$1,300 monthly), her physical, occupational, and speech therapies to try and improve her abilities as well as prevent aspiration, muscle contractures and other problems (~$1,400 monthly), her wheelchair so that she can get around (~$3,500), her feeding and activity chair so that she can sit upright in a good posture and participate in activities as well as be safely fed to reduce aspiration (~$4,000), a bath chair so she can be washed (~$400),  a patient lift system to help transfer her as she gets heavier (~$4,000) and the neurology, dental, pediatrics and other doctor appointments to keep her healthy (~$20,000 annually). There are more expenses too – for her specialized foods and diapers (~$500 monthly).