The #Vote4Medicaid project is working to increase awareness about the value of Medicaid among voters. We encourage you to consider where candidates and elected officials stand on Medicaid and make that part of your decision-making when you vote. Thousands of people across our state – particularly those living with disabilities, children and seniors – need Medicaid and our policy makers need to understand its value.


PEOPLE are the purpose

Today, more than 500,000 children, seniors and people living with disabilities need Medicaid to get access to the health care they need. For seniors and people living with disabilities, Medicaid also helps with in-home supports so these Coloradans can live their most independent lives. When needed, Medicaid also ensures that seniors can get nursing home care.


Health Care
needs MedicaiD

Our health care system needs Medicaid to provide insurance to thousands of Coloradans who would otherwise go without insurance and care. When people can’t afford care, they are forced to use emergency rooms or leave medical bills unpaid. This costs all of us who use the health care system.


Medicaid invests in ColoradO

Last year, Medicaid invested about $7 billion in the health care of Coloradans. This money helped to create good jobs in health care as well as support hospitals, clinics and other care centers across the state. Additionally, this Medicaid investment supports many small businesses who provide services like in-home supports, specialized transportation and medical equipment.